Are you ready to overcome world’s no 1 Fear!

If you want to…


at English speaking.


Fear of speaking in public.


Your speaking skills.


Yourself with positive mindset people.


A community started to better English speaking, now Healing people…

Why to join PSF!

How it’s gonna be?

  • We come live on Instagram Every sunday 7:00 to 9:00 PM.
  • It has a two part session.
    1. You will be called as a speaker and speak for 5-7 minutes (topic will be given by the host).
    2. You will be asked instant question and you have to answer atlease a minute.
  • Host will be changed Every week.
  • One day YOU will become the host, choose the topic and conduct the entire session.
  • You will always have support from the family.
  • I can assure, you see the difference in you within just 4 weeks. ( You will be lifetime member )

Watch the session 44 to get an idea…

Information gives you Knowledge, Action gives you Result.

Public Speaking Family can offer you the stage and people. And honestly, that’s all you need!


Vishal Kumar, Stock Treader, Member since Aug 2020.
Ritika Nag, QA Engineer, Member since June 2021
Bishakha Das, student, Member since Dec2020

You don’t go on the stage after becoming confident, You go on the stage and then become confident!

You can buy Netflix, Pizza, Apperal, iphone with money but time of people, is priceless.

Money or Time are not the issues, Change your priority to yourself, Everything will make its way out.

Disclaimer: The journey is not going to be comfortable. People looking for comfort and an easy way out, this is not the right choice. However, if you are ready to take action, then you can see a significant difference in just 30 days (proven many times).