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Public Speaking Family


I am glad that you are here wanting to know more about us.

In the next few lines, I am going to explain about:

  • What is Public Speaking Family?
  • How it started?
  • It’s mission and vision?

The public speaking family is a premium community of people who are looking for a digital platform to speak.

Maybe to…

  1. Share their ideas and thoughts.
  2. Expresse themselves in english.
  3. Reduce the fear of Public speaking.
  4. ______________________( add yours)

How exactly it’s done?

As a PSF member, you will come on a live call once a week. You will be given 10 minutes to share your thoughts. The topic will be given to you one day before and the topic will be selected by the host for that day. It means you also will get the chance to host the meeting and give your topic.

At the end of the conversation, you will be invited to the table topic round. This will be an impromptu round. Anyone in the group may ask you a question and you can answer that in just 1 minute. Similarly, you can ask questions to others in the group.

You are going to enjoy that.

How it all started?

Before I talk about the origin of the PSF it is necessary to introduce myself to you.

My journey

I am Swapneswar Barik. The founder of Public Speaking Family. I struggled in my life a lot because of not being able to speak English. I have born and brought up in a lower-middle-class family. I have never attended any English Medium school. It was so challenging for me to learn English.

One day I got embarrassed in my college for not being able to answer one question. The ugliest fact was that I knew the answer. The words did not flow out of my mouth. That incident put a severe dent in my life.

I then tried to avail all the opportunities to speak English.

I made videos and I got confidence. Then I throw myself again on a presentation. I had prepared it well and I nailed it. But the last round was an impromptu round and I stuck again.

I came back feeling bad.

I started training myself to speak without practising and it did not happen. I failed. I tried again, I failed.

In 2020 August I came back home from Bhubaneswar. It was a time of covid, so I kept myself in quarantine. There I got the opportunity to speak again I spoke louder, I talked to myself, for no reason I was shouting around the home.

Certainly, it gave me confidence.

I was now sure that I can speak English but then something happened that broke me down. In January I joined a program called DDIP and in that program, I had to talk to someone. He called me and spoke something in English and I got stuck, I started fumbling. It was a bad moment for me.

One day, I asked a bunch of people to join in a live call. That was the turning point and I spoke to them and eventually got the fear out from me. During this journey, one of my old friends asked me to teach him English, and I realized teaching for 5 years can’t help someone to be good at speaking but a community of good people can turn things around and there I started this beautiful community.

The mission and vision

Vision: To give chance to every individual who wants to be better at speaking. Because I believe Everyone deserves a chance.

Mission: To train 100,000 people to speak confidently by 2025.

If you feel inclined towards this mission join us and bring revolution to your life. Because It’s not only about you but the people you meet in this journey.


Swapneswar Barik.