How to learn spoken English easily at home for graduates?

Do you want to Express yourself in English.

By the end of this article. I guarantee you that you would have the confidence to express yourself in English

It means you need only practice after that.

Welcome to 4 step English Speaking program.

  • Stage 1: Expressing
  • Stage 2: Tongue Training
  • Stage 3: Brain Training
  • Stage 4: Confidence Training.

2016, I was standing on a stage to give a presentation on nanotechnology.

I had prepared it well. Byhearted everything.

I was nervous, still, I managed to speak it somehow.

But, someone out of the audience asked me one question.

I froze.

The ugliest fact was, I knew the answer to that question. I could not express it because the words did not flow out of my mouth.

All of a sudden I run out of words, I blackout.

From that situation to being the founder of Public Speaking Family what I have learnt, I am going to share that here.

Please pay attention.

This can literally change your life.

GWS technique to learn spoken English easily at home.

Use this GWS technique to speak English confidently at home in just 30 days. I will give you a few resources at the end of it. Check them out as well.

Those can make your journey easier.

If you want to learn English faster, then use this GWS technique.

G stands for grammar.

However, spoken English does not require hardcore grammar. Sometimes learning the sentence structure and tense are enough.

W stands for Words.

It means vocabulary power. You have to learn around 3-5 thousand words at max to express yourself. And let me tell you, from your childhood till now, you must have mastered 3-4 thousand words.


S stands for Speak.

If you don’t speak, your tongue will not work properly. you will fumble.
If you don’t speak often, you will forget those 1000s of words that you have memorised.
If you don’t speak you can’t learn a language.

You should learn a language as it should be learnt.

Jump into the community, I will guide you to go faster on this track.

However, I would like to tell you something before I hop deep into the technique.

If you lack patience you can scroll down to the bottom to see what is it about?

Some lessons you need to know to speak english faster.

Learning spoken English in 30 days is not a difficult challenge.

What is more challenging than this is figuring out which stage you are in right now?

And, are you learning it right?

Wrong lessons to avoid while learning speaking online.

Most people think practise makes things perfect. But, the truth is practice makes things permanent.

For example…

If you are pronouncing a word wrong you will pronounce it wrong for your entire life.

If you try to learn the same way that you have been learning, you can’t make it happen.

A few typical wrong things that people ask you to do:

  • Learn words from newspaper.
  • Learn word from dictionary.
  • Learn grammer from Wren and Martin.

Certainly, they are just amazing sources of words and grammar. But, not when you are starting out.

I will let you know later in the post what are the right steps for a beginner and I will provide you with those materials as well.

Get clarity to speak english faster.

For now, ask yourself…

  • What you are already good at?
  • What you need to learn next?

The reason I want you to ask these questions is, the majority of people don’t know where they are currently, and where they want to go?

This is not how we chase the target.

Having a clear vision of the target is super important. If it is not clear, shorten your target till you can see clearly.

Asking these two questions will help you understand your location in the journey towards your Spoken English destination.

You get clarity of where you need to go.

Today in this information age you don’t lack information.

YouTube is filled with tons of videos.

Every day millions of videos are getting uploaded, tons of articles are being written.

But when you dive into it, you come out even more confused. You feel overwhelmed by information.

That is why…

  • You lack clarity.
  • You lack guidance.
  • You lack trust.

You are supposed to learn 30% from theories and 70% from implementation.

Because our experiences engrave our lessons into our memory.

That is where a mentor comes in. A person who knows what to do and has the potential to get you to your destination.

If you trust and do what he/she is saying then you can easily learn spoken English in 30 days.

Your commitment is must to learn speaking.

Right now, I want you to do a commitment to yourself that you will start implementing.

You will not watch or read any more content.

And, you will follow the instruction of one mentor only.

Now, you can join the Public Speaking Program, if you want to be coached under my guidance.

However, until you have not joined the program, you can do this…

Understand the problem.

  1. Are you facing problem in words and grammars?
  2. Are you fumbling while speaking ?
  3. Are you forgetting what to speak next ?
  4. Are you scared to speak in front of people?

A few students of the Public speaking program faced challenges like…

  • Can’t focus on my expression while speaking.
  • The moment I face camera, It feels uncomfortable. etc.

However, all these problems also get overcome if you use the GWS technique.

GWS technique.

What I am going to share here are the technique that I have used to learn English and other languages.

So, I want you to pay undividable attention.

Whenever we are learning to speak a language 2 things matter the most and those are…

  1. Tense
  2. Words

1. Tense

Why tense is important?

Unless you understand the basics of grammars, you can’t be able to form sentences.

For example:
That… apple… table….

Photo by Anna Nekrashevich from Pexels

Does that make any sense?
There is an apple on the table?
Does that make sense?
Yes, it does.

Because I put those words in a sentence structure. That is why you’ve got to understand the basic sentence structure.
To give your sentence a meaning
To make a sense out of a sentence.

I believe tense is something that we need to know because, whatever we say, by default stays in any one tense,
And if you learnt the tense properly, that means, you understand the sentence structure, of the language.

That much grammar is enough to speak a sentence properly. Rest you can learn by listening,

However, if you think
” I will start speaking after I learnt all the grammar then, trust me you can’t speak.

Because we don’t learn speaking in that way.
If you want to be a writer then that is a different thing.

But you need to remember that, grammar is something that changes.
More and more things are added,

So, if you want to be perfect you can’t be perfect in it. Because they will add something new to it again.

Just take an example of this…

Photo by Any Lane from Pexels

You see a banana on the table
what will you say?
There is a banana. Right?

But if you see an apple, you have to say…
There is an apple.

What’s wrong with ‘a’ apple?

The reason is, there is two consecutive ‘a’ sound…

Which is confusing.

They speak as they feel comfortable and that becomes a rule for us.

It means if they struggle to say something, they will change it, they will speak in their way

And then they put that in a grammar book.

So, we don’t need to learn complete grammar, especially in the beginning.

However, I have kept that in stage 1, in my training program.

So that, if somebody is coming to stage two, then I must be clear that that person knows at least tense.

2. Vocabulary

Now, you have to fight for ” vocabulary challenge”
In this, you have to master 5000 words.

Why 5000?

Well, there was a research in which it was found that the native speaker who born in English speaking country use around 20k words at max.

But 5000 words are enough to express yourself. So, that is why we are going to learn 5000 common words.

Now chances are there that, you might know all of them or you might not know a few of them.

But certainly, you know more than 2-3 thousand words.

Here is a pdf document of 1000+ most commonly used verbs.

They are not only words but they are verbs.

Why verbs?

Because verbs are the most used words, and they can be used to express different situations.

Take an example…

The pen is a commonly used word, but you can use it only when there is a pen involved in the sentence.

But you can use “get“, which is a verb at, 100s of different places.

Get out,
Get me that pen.
Yes! I get you.
Getting late.

Take another verb “drink“.

You can use drink while drinking water, alcohol, cold drinks, juice, tea, coffee and so on….
I hope you got me now.

The conclusion is

Only by knowing words, You can’t speak.

You have to learn to frame those words properly.

So that it makes some sense.

Similarly, by merely knowing the tense, you can’t speak.

Because you don’t have the word power.

So, words and tense both are important, and you should learn both together because one does not make sense without another.

They are on the same plane.

If you have any more questions then let me know in the comment section or you can email me.

Now, find all the resources in the comment section below along with that test.

All the best.
I will meet you in the next week and if you learn it, you will be super confident.

Swapneswar Barik

PS: If you want to learn grammar in detail then visit Grammarly.

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