Do you want to think in English? Here is how I did it!

Think in English

How to think in English?

Congratulation! You have reached the 3rd stage of speaking English fluently.


  • Stage 1: Expressing Training.
  • Stage 2: Tongue Training.
  • Stage 3: Brain Training.
  • Stage 4: Confidence Building.

However, If you have not gone through the first two steps I would not recommend you to go for this one. Because if you are not confident enough to express yourself in the English language you are going to struggle a little to think in that language.

If you are already confident at expressing and good at reading and don’t fumble while speaking then get ready we are ready for the next challenge.

Think in English.

In my initial days of learning English. I used to do the translation.

The First problem with translation is you can’t find the exact translation of the sentence. You have to find out the sentence structure.

I mean what we feel, they must be feeling. But how we are expressing, they are not expressing the same way. So, that is what we have to learn one by one.

We have to observe and see how they speak certain feelings? How do they express certain experiences?

The Second Problem with translation is it happens in 3 different stages.

You need to think about what you have to say, then you have to translate it, then you have to speak it.

And our thoughts come like a chain.

Now, when you go through 3 stages for one thought, other thoughts get blocked.

Or sometimes we forget that next thought. Eventually, we struggle to speak and get stuck on stage.

Now, In order to overcome them, we need to do a few things.

1. Listen to English podcast.

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

Not necessarily podcast.

You can choose to listen whatever you want but the point is the more we listen, the more we know how they express things.

So, that is why we have learnt the sentence structures in the beginning.

While listening to podcasts, observe how that person is expressing every individual statement.

If you find something new make sure to have a note of that or you may choose to listen to that again and again.

Now, listening to English will unconsciously make you memorise those sentence structures. there are so many same sentences we are speaking regularly exactly same.

There will be a time suddenly something will flow out from your mouth that you never spoke of.

This will definitely happen if you listen enough.

2. Talk to Yourself.

Photo by Caroline Veronez on Unsplash

I remember when I come back from Bhubaneswar. Because I had to stay in quarantine. I kept myself in a separate place. My parents did not want me to stay away but I choose, and that helped me to speak English faster.

What exactly happened was… I was staying alone and there was no home near me. So, whenever I had to talk to something I used to speak it in English.

A lot of time I have seen myself getting lost in the emotion and those words kept flowing out in English.

One thing I realised there was… I am sure now about expressing myself without the script.

I would suggest you do the same.

Try speaking to yourself. If you don’t find a place in your home then go out. If that does not work for you find a time when your family members are not awake or go out.

This much you have to do.

Certainly, you have to make sure that. In order to speak English fluently, you have to think in English.

That is the only way to become fluent.

There will be no friction, whatever you think will sleep out of your mouth and it is necessary that you think in English.

3. Impromptu Challenge.

This is something that can also help you.

There are so many apps or you may choose a topic every single day and start speaking something about it.

However, You can choose to download a “speak up” app. Where you can get questions and you get 3 minutes to think and answer them.

This has certainly helped me to answer instant questions and strengthen my memory.

I truly believe that this can help you as well.


Listen and practice daily eventually your mind will be trained for that Certainly you will not realise when that happened but you will achieve that in your life.

I am sure about it.

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